Considering the needs of each individual family and the many options that are available, we offer several types of funeral services.


  • We assist families in hosting traditional services which includes the presentation of the deceased. Generally visitation is held the day or night before the funeral at our Chapel, a church or another place chosen by the family. The funeral service is held the following day in our Chapel, church or special place chosen by the family as well.


  • We assist families in hosting a memorial service wherein the deceased is usually not present. It may take place in our Chapel, a church or another place chosen by the family. This is a time to remember a loved one through fellowship with friends and family members.


  • Complete cremation options are offered to include a variety of choices. Staff assists family members in selecting urns for the remains as well as other details to include the location and scheduling of memorial service and final placement of the remains.


  • We provide aftercare services and assist family members in identifying “Health Healing” support groups as a means of dealing with the aftermath of death. We also house a number of books and videos that will aid in the healing process.


  • With seating capacity for 100, the L.C. Knox Chapel is available to the families we serve.


  • Our staff is familiar with the process of most insurance compliances and will assist families with securing benefits. We also notify Social Security by mail of a death and will take the will to the Estate and Probate Division of the Clerk of Court in the respective city of county. Licensed by the State of Georgia Knox Funeral Home is community oriented with reasonable rates.


  • We offer one of the largest selections of burial clothing in the Metro-Atlanta area. Additionally, we provide cemetery arrangements, clergy and musicians, copies of death certificates, outer burial containers, transportation services, monument and grave markers as well as theme displays such as military and other vocations. We also provide assistance in filing insurance, national and international transport services, social security survivor benefits, senior resource services and certified physician referrals and medical counseling.

Knox Funeral Home offers the following professional services:

  • Special Limousine & Transport Services
  • Funeral Program Design & Printing
  • Domestic & International Shipping
  • Pre-Plan Arrangements
  • Caskets, Vaults & Urns
  • Limousine Service
  • Obituary Support
  • Funeral Services
  • Notary Public
  • Cremations
  • Aftercare